Inside Gather

a word from our founder: coming of age

Hi. I am Patricia. It’s been at least ten years, and several companies ago, since I started working in the industry of technology. I’ve been coming of age during the same time Twitter began, the same time YOLO became an actual word, and was guided to self-actualization by Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child towards some of life’s most important songs/themes like Independent Women,” and “Who Run the World (Girls)?”

During this time period, I’ve experienced many of the flaws, and the tremendous beauty of working in “big business,” growing tech startups from the ground up, and being raised by an industry which has been lead by (primarily) men.

I’ve learned how to work thrice as hard for half as much, historically common for women. And, I’ve learned how to have unwavering ambition, and to lean into it, no matter what headwinds hit.

In May 2017, I noted a pattern in my career which seemed to resemble the thing I’d heard women older than I refer to as “the glass ceiling.” It was then that I started wondering what other young women in San Francisco were experiencing, both in societal culture, e.g. within the urban experience, and within the workplace.

Inspired by my frustration, I then created Gather • Women’s Social Club, which started as a meetup, a wine and cheese gathering, taking place in downtown San Francisco. The mission was to bring other women together to network, make new friendships, and to influence each other by shared experience.

The event was a success. From that, I was able to create several more events, thanks to the sponsorship of companies focused on solidifying diversity and inclusion (D & I) initiatives, and ensuring that strategic hiring processes are in place, to create a diverse workforce.

As of last May, Gather celebrates its second birthday. Not just with me as its founder, but with our Creative Director, ali nagy, founder of mali & friends. Ali has both created and donated Gather’s brand identity, website creation, and its tag line, “Non Ducor, Duco,” meaning, “I am not Led, I Lead.” 

Though Gather has its roots in San Francisco, I hope that you’re able to experience what our group offers, no matter where in the world you are. Gather is for those who identify as a woman, and we adhere to our Code of Conduct. If our mission excites you, consider joining as a member. If you’d like to offer sponsorship so we may continue creating these experiences, please get in touch.


Thank you.